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The Western Reserve United Methodist Church serves as an oasis of hope iCongregation Outsiden our busy world. Located in the historic Connecticut Western Reserve, our church offers the "personal touch" of Jesus Christ to you and the world. As you browse this website you will find bite-size opportunities of fellowship, service, outreach and education.

I truly believe that Western Reserve is a special place. God is doing something unique here. I came to this congregation in 1994 and have experienced God's grace through the people in this church. I am not alone. Many have grown closer to God through our ministry. It is my sincere prayer that you join us and become a true disciple of Jesus. I invite you to become part of the Western Reserve family.

In His Service,
Russ Adams, Pastor


The Western Reserve United Methodist Church offers three worship services each Sunday, at 8:30, 9:15 and 11:00 AM. Holy Communion is offered at all services the first Sunday of each month. For information on the locations and worship styles for each service, click here.  










The mission of the Western Reserve United Methodist Church is to develop disciples who reflect Christ's love through worship, service and deed.


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