Satan's Favorite Lies

September - October 2012


                                                September - October 2012

The numbers are interesting. According to the Gallup research group, 98% of Americans believe in the existence of God. However, only 70% of Americans believe in the existence of Satan. I thought that second figure would be higher. After all, we live in an ugly world. Daily, the news is filled with stories of violence, destruction and disease. Each one reminds us that we are living in Satan’s playground. Each day we are forced to play the part of Job, who refused to denounce his faith. Have you ever questioned God’s ways? Has your faith ever been shaken by a personal crisis?

In this sermon series, Satan’s Favorite Lies, we are going to look at the adversary’s more effective weapons. I am not going to talk about natural disasters, disease or immorality. I am going to talk about something more personal, your attitudes. How many of Satan’s favorite lies have crept their way into your attitudes? They are seen by our society as logical but they are not Biblical. These are the lies I will examine.

I hope you will be with us!

In His Service,

Russ Adams


Lie #1: God Can’t Be Trusted

             Exodus 14: 10-15

 September 9, 2012    pdf file

Lie #2: Some Things Can’t Be Forgiven

            John 8: 2-11

 September 16, 2012   pdf file

Lie #3: God Grades on a Curve

            John 3: 14-21

 September 30, 2012   pdf file

Lie #4: Pain Should Be Avoided

            Job 1: 1-3, 6-12

   October 7, 2012     pdf file

Lie #5: The Bible Can’t Be Trusted

             Acts 8: 26-34

   October 14, 2012   pdf file

Lie #6: Don't Trust the Church

             Matthew 16: 13-20

   October 21, 2012   pdf file

Lie #7: Money is the Key to Happiness

             Matthew 19: 16-22

   October 28, 2012   pdf file