Funding the Great Commission: November 2012

           Funding the Great Commission

The mission statement of the Western Reserve United Methodist Church is “to develop disciples who reflect Christ’s love through worship, fellowship and deed”. In other words, we are in the disciple-making business. It is for this reason I refuse to apologize about my newest sermon series, Funding the Great Commission. Our personal financials say a great deal about our spiritual maturity. That is why Jesus spoke more about money than any other topic.  He knew that money affects every corner of our lives.

          John Wimber once asked the question, “I am a fool for Christ, whose fool are you?” Have you ever felt like a fool when it comes to your personal finances? On November 11, I will begin my two part sermon series. During this sermon series we will be looking at seven Biblical stewardship principles. Let me state the obvious. The world and God view money in far different ways. The world tells us money is the key to happiness; God understands happiness comes from our relationships.  Money can only buy your basic needs and fund your purpose for living. Have you ever tried to buy happiness? My goal in this sermon series is to help you re-evaluate how you view your finances. As your pastor, I want you to live happier lives!

          As always, both of these sermons are available in manuscript form. The primary scripture I am using for these messages is Luke 18:18-27. Quality preaching involves two things. First, I must be prepared to talk. Second, you must be prepared to listen by studying the primary piece of scripture in advance. May God bless us as we Fund the Great Commission together.

In His Service,

Russ Adams

Funding the Great Commission - Part 1

Luke 18:18-27

November 11, 2012  pdf

Funding the Great Commission - Part 2

Luke 18:18-27


November 18, 2012  pdf