Questions for Questionable Times

Lent/ Easter 2013

We live in questionable times. If you don’t believe me, then just examine your favorite news outlet. The stories are overwhelming. Pollution is becoming more than an annoyance. Global warming is causing major weather issues. The world’s population keeps growing and world hunger is a reality. The United States does not exist in isolation. Our country is facing some tremendous issues. Everyone has strong opinions about gun control, immigration and our national debt. It appears our country is divided between the red states and the blue states. Our politicians seem to be more interested in being elected to office then serving our country. The picture is not pretty. Everyone is restless because we live in questionable times. It is painfully clear. Going back to the past is not an option, but the path to the future seems unclear. Maybe this is why so many people are asking spiritual questions?

Several years ago, East Ohio Resident Bishop John Hopkins reminded us of the “new normal”. People are still asking spiritual questions. The problem is they don’t trust the church to give them the answers. That revelation has changed the way I have done my job. In short, I have gone back to the basics. Church customs and traditions are not enough. People just don’t care what scholars, denominational leaders and preachers have to say. The only answers people trust are found in the Bible.

During this season of Lent, I have decided to answer some spiritual questions. This sermon series will begin on February 17 and will end on Easter morning, March 31st. I have listed some of those questions in my tentative preaching schedule. As always, I would encourage you to read and study the scriptures ahead of time. Excellent preaching requires two things. First, I must be prepared to speak. Second, you must be prepared to listen. May God bless us as we begin this sacred season together.

In His Service,  Russ Adams

Sunday, February 17

Where is God?


Sunday, February 24

Who is Jesus?

Matthew 16:13-16

Sunday, March 3

Am I Accepted?

John 8:1-11




Palm Sunday, March 24

Why Cheer?

Mark 11:1-11

Maundy Thursday, March 28

Why Remember?

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Good Friday, March 29

Why Suffering?

Matthew 27:45-54

Easter Sunday, March 31

Why Hope?

Matthew 28:1-10