The Life of John the Baptist

2014 Lenten Sermon Series

Lent is the Christian season of preparation prior to Easter. Excluding Sundays, it lasts for 40 days. The number forty is one of those sacred numbers in the Bible. It rained for 40 days and nights in Noah’s story. The Hebrews wandered for 40 years before entering into the Promised Land. Jesus fasted 40 days before being tempted by Satan in the wilderness. The resurrected Jesus walked the face of this world for 40 days before ascending into heaven. This year, Easter is April 20, so Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, is March 5.

Lent is the time to examine yourself and discover what is holding you back for a closer walk with God. How easy it is to see the imperfections in others and be blind to our own. We look good next to the cast of characters on the evening news. However, comparing ourselves to Jesus is another story. Our imperfections are suddenly clear. The Wesleyan tradition has always encouraged us to strive toward perfection. We should never be satisfied with our present state, because none of us is perfect.

This year’s Lenten sermon series is called The Life of John the Baptist. Below, you will find a copy of my tentative preaching schedule. John is the perfect character to look at during Lent. His entire ministry can be summed up in one word, REPENT! I would encourage you to read and study each scripture before hearing the message. Effective preaching requires being prepared both to speak and to listen. May God be with us as we travel through this sacred season together.

In His Service, Russ Adams

  Wednesday, March 5   John's Birth   Luke 1:57-66   pdf
  Sunday, March 9   John's Message   Luke 3:1-15   pdf
  Sunday, March 16   John's Baptism   Matthew 3:13-17   pdf
  Sunday, March 30   John's Question   Matthew 11:1-6   pdf
  Sunday, April 6   John's Death   Matthew 14:1-12   pdf

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